The health and safety of families and staff is the number one priority for Southern Oregon Head Start. Staff members from different departments collaborated, and gathered a group of volunteers, and worked out the logistics to organize a Drive Through COVID 19 Vaccine Clinic. It was a rewarding effort for the guests that got vaccinated, as well as the volunteers.  Laurie Hester our Safety & Compliance Manager talks about the experience:

Lisa Farlin, Head Start Director, assisting guest during the clinic

Katherine Clayton, Head Start Executive Director, assisting Dixie Ramsay, Head Start Nurse, administering vaccines 

Everyone did such an incredible job making this historic event run so smoothly.  My heart was touched by the willingness of everyone coming together for the health of our staff, community organizations staff, and others who  could not yet receive the vaccine.

What started as an idea through a conversation Dixie had with Dr. Sarah of the Child and Adolescent Clinic in Medford, took off like the speed of sound with Kathy Stassi contacting and scheduling staff, Michael’s ideas on the flow, and providing shelter while ensuring safety; Sarah Forga jumping in with her usual “can do, lightning speed” attitude and effort regarding all the admin paperwork process; Lisa jumped in to get the press coverage and stayed until the last person waited their 15 minutes to ensure they were safe to leave; Steve, Lonnie, and Sadiki set up and took down the pop up tent, tables, cones and stood in the parking lot for 5 hours to ensure safety, Kat arrived early for the TV interview and stayed, jumping in to do anything needed, and the group of volunteers (Faith, Kelley, Shelbey, Sherry, Yoana, Nancy) who greeted arrivals, processed paperwork, helped with set up and clean up (in the rain!), Yoana’s willingness when asked a the last minute to provide interpretive services; Jeremy Cathy a Family Nurse Practitioner agreeing  to spend his day off to help his mother in law, Dixie; and Amy Hensley arriving to help and promote the importance in staff receiving the vaccine.

What an awesome day to always remember!

Laurie Hester

Safety & Compliance Manager

Faith Cox, Food Service Manager, and Sherry Whaley, Health Screener, getting ready to asist guests

Katherine Clayton, Executive Director, and Laurie Hester, Safety and Compliance Manager, directing guests to the parking area

Sherry Whaley, and Shelby Jasper getting ready to help guests with consent forms

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