At Southern Oregon Head Start, we strive to cultivate a safe and stable environment for children, families, and staff where they have a sense of belonging and a connection to their community. We know that perpetuating the status quo puts that at risk. We show Unconditional Positive Regard to our families and seek to understand how we can bring individualized support to meet their needs. Building relationships and increasing access is foundational to success of every community we serve, and we are committed to action that drives progress and prioritizes impact. 

Student health and safety are the cornerstone of education, and all children and families who are engaged in SOHS programming are entitled to an educational experience that is free from discrimination, harassment, fear, hatred, racism, or violence. SOHS is committed to providing our families and staff the best support. We are committed to all the communities we serve and will continue learning and implementing new strategies to end racism and injustices.

We strive to create an anti-bias and nurturing environment where children, families, and staff feel seen, heard, and acknowledged, and where they have a sense of belonging and a connection to their community. 







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