Southern Oregon Child and Family Council, Inc. (SOCFC) has provided services to families facing economic hardships in Jackson and Josephine counties for over 50 years, in Jackson County since 1967 and Josephine County since 1989. SOCFC is the home of Southern Oregon Head Start. Children will enter school healthy, ready to learn, and with age-appropriate skills by participating in Southern Oregon Head Start and Early Head Start (SOHS). SOHS supports family well-being, nurturing relationships between children and parents, and encourages lifelong learning.

Services That Touch Lives

We believe in creating a space where open dialogue is encouraged, and everyone is heard. Transparent Respectful Communication is one of our fundamental values. This transparency builds trust and understanding, where our staff communicates clearly and respects our family’s perspectives. Our doors are open to all, and we embrace the rich diversity each family brings to our community. The safety of the children and families we serve is our utmost priority. 

At Southern Oregon Head Start, we embody teamwork, integrity, and accountability, ensuring a seamless blend of learning and growth that recognizes and celebrates every family’s strengths and potential. Southern Oregon Head Start is not just a head start in education; it’s a head start in life.

Reinforcing Our Team Excellence

“The Early Head Start Program has changed our lives. It has given him a caring, safe, fun, and loving place to learn and grow as an individual. It has also allowed me to better myself as well”- Early Head Start Parent, 2023. 

In our ongoing journey to foster a nurturing and inclusive environment, SOHS has partnered with Paradigm. This partnership provides an expansive training program centered around our core values, focusing on Integrity and Accountability. Through interactive workshops and hands-on experiences, our team delves deep into nuanced learning, enhancing their understanding and skill set in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. We are fostering a community where individuals are not just educators but guides, mentors, and nurturers, fully prepared to support every child in their journey of growth and learning. 

Vision For the Future

As we stand on the threshold of a promising future, Southern Oregon Head Start envisions a community where every child is afforded the golden opportunity to blossom in an environment that is understanding, respectful, and provides unconditional support. Our commitment goes beyond education; we are creating a space of inclusivity where diversity is accepted and celebrated, and every individual is nurtured to unfold their fullest potential. 

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