When Kristal enrolled in Early Head Start, she was a pregnant, single mother living with her parents because she could not afford a place to live on her own.

When her son, Riley, was born, she was so happy to show off her new baby to her EHS Specialist, Karry. Kristal appreciated having Karry there to support her and give her information and resources she wanted. Kristal talked about her dream of becoming a pre-school teacher. At that time she was on probation and was told she would never be able to work with kids. Karry encouraged her to try anyway and not give up. Kristal applied to the criminal history registry through the Child Care Division and was approved. She was so happy!

Riley in Early Head Start Today

Kristal contacted her Jobs Specialist at the Job Council to tell her she was now enrolled in the criminal history registry and then began the work experience program. This led to Kristal joining our Head Start Slide program. The EHS staff also encouraged Kristal to apply to Rogue Community College and work towards an AAS degree in early childhood education. She started taking classes in 2009 and now has 33 credits.

Kristal’s son, Riley, loves his teacher Amy’s toddler group. He enjoys playing with the other kids at EHS. He’s so excited to go to bed when he knows he gets to go to EHS the next day! He also loves the home visits when Amy comes to their house. Riley especially likes “ribbon dancing” when the toddlers all dance with ribbons on little sticks to a special song. His communication skills are off the charts and he has learned how to socialize with the other children.

Kristal will always remember the relationships she and her son have formed at EHS. They are very important to her.

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