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Leberly and Stephen’s Story
23rd Jan


Leberly and Stephen’s Story

I was pregnant with Stephen when I enrolled at the Early Head Start (EHS) Grants Pass Center in September 2010. My son, Michael went to Head Start. I wanted to do home visits only, because it was hard for me to go to group. I would get very anxious in social situations due to my bipolar disorder. Stephen was born two months later. Sheri, the EHS Heath/ Nutrition Manager, was my birth coach. She held my hand and told me what a good job I did. I still have her card in my purse.

Diana came to my house each week for our home visit. She helped me get vouchers from Goodwill for clothing and blankets. We had recently moved and did not have much for our apartment. We were eating on the floor because we didn’t have a table. Head Start found us a used kitchen table and chairs. I also got a resource book from EHS and found out where food banks are. I use that book a lot.

It has been so good for me and Stephen to get out of the house to go to EHS and be with other children and parents. Stephen loves to ride the school bus to school. He has learned so much there. Our EHS center was in the Boatnik parade for the first time. Stephen was waving to the crowd. I was so proud of myself for going. I am getting better at being with groups of people. Companionship with the staff is one very important thing. They really care about my family.

This year Stephen attends Toddler Group. His teacher Cecilia reports he was shy at first, but now is happy to be at school and is making new friends. He especially loves the family-style meals, tooth brushing time and playing outside on the slide. What We Do Relationships and Early Learning Experiences We know that every child is unique, so Early Head Start and Head Start teachers plan an educational curriculum that supports each child’s individual needs and engages parents in their child’s learning right from the start.

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