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Why I love working for HS
My favorite thing about working for Head Start is:
  • IMG_4363Being challenged to grow as a professional.
  • The sense of being involved in helping the community, family unit, society and the planet by providing resources for those that have few.
  • Serving the children and families, to known I am making a difference in bettering a life.
  • Helping children be successful!
  • Being able to help families build the bonds that they need for lasting relationships and encouraging them to be everything that we all know they can be.
  • The children and families and making an impact on their lives.
  • The people who all have one goal…helping the children.
  • I love the people. The staff and the families. Everyone here has the desire for children and families to be happy, healthy, and self sufficient. There are some incredible people within the HS community. Each year I get to be a special person to many children and to their parents. I love working with the staff because for the most part, we all have the same purpose.
  • The staff here are fantastic people. They have in-depth knowledge, and are incredibly dedicated to making a difference.
  • It has an impact on families and is the BEST of developmentally appropriate environments for young children.
  • Seeing children be successful with a positive self esteem.
  • I love knowing that we are making a difference in the lives of many. I love helping others reach their goals and their potential!
  • Getting to know each new child and learning from them how to do my job better.
  • The knowledge that I am making a difference for the good in a child’s life.
  • I like working for an agency that helps others and the schedule is a definite bonus!
  • Head Start and Early Head Start are well managed and achieve the goal of reaching our to our highest risk families to give them an opportunity to improve their lives which in inevitably in an investement in the healthy development of children…our future.
  • I enjoy working with people who work hard and truly care about creating a better opportunity for children and their families. I believe that by working with the knowledgeable, dedicated people at SOCFC I am helping to provide a hand up, not a handout, to people in need.
  • Being able to connect parents with resources (MH, ECS) to help them understand their child better and relieve some of the stress for the family!!!
  • I believe the work we do makes a positive difference in the lives of the families we serve.
  • Positive work environment. Time off. Satisfaction of knowing my work is worthwhile.
  • It is a very comfortable family like atmosphere, whether in the classrooms or in meetings at the main office.
  • I love the organization’s mission and the rate of success. I’m a Head Start success story and I love being a part of doing that for others.
  • Watching the children grow and develop. And helping the parents reach for their potential as parents.