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Policy Council

Head Start is based on the knowledge that parents play a key role in children’s lives and the belief that they should have a say in the program. Consequently Head Start parents are involved in policy and decision making for the program. The Policy Council is a representative group of parents from the Head Start program who work in partnership with the Board of Directors and key management staff to develop, review, and approve or disapprove policies and procedures and fulfill other key responsibilities. Policy Council meets one time a month and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors. Twice a year the groups meet together to discuss Head Start business.

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2015 -2016 Policy Council

Parent Policy Council Officers

Michelle Gury, Chairperson

Stephan Moriarty, Vice Charperson & Snr. State Representative

Jessica Marsh, Secretary

Mary Hart, Alternate Secretary

T. J. Jessup, Treasurer & Alternate Board Liason

April Mendoza, Alternate Treasurer

Sylvia Tevis, Board Liaison

Stephanie Baker, Jnr. State Representative

Policy Council Representatives

Alex Wilson
Amanda Steddum
Angela Buoy
Anita Allen
Autumn Adamson
Azucena Ordonez
Beatriz A. Contreras
Beth Stevens
Breena Rose
Brian Wright
Casaundra Giesvrecht
Charity Bray
Chesha Flores-Ortega
Christina Haning
Clarissa Cervantes
Daniel Schreiber
Deysi Bojorquez
Diana Salazar
Duane Kruse
Elishia Breed
Emelia Camargo
Felicia Wright
Francine Borth
Francisco Hernandez
Gabriela Rodriguez
Gisela Rios Valenzuela
Halee Bresee-Gilchrist
Jamie Marsh
Jamie Sanchez
Jason Lucy
Johannah Smith
Jonathan “Gerber” German
Josefina Mendez-Lopez
Juvenal Salinas
Karla Horvatich
Kati Duncan-Farmer
Katy Johnson
Kayci Miller
Kelly Espinosa
Kimberly Conner
Kristine Haney
Krystal Vandewarker
Kyra Stovall
Joanna Navarro
Laura Smith
Lindsey Gilliland
Maria “Elizabeth” Argumedo Diaz
Maria Sharp
Mary Morales
Mary Strock
Paige Johnson
Pat DeSilva
Patricia Luis
Rafael Martinez
Raquel Rodriguez
Rebecca Voss
Renee Maloney
Rick Sharp
Ruth Bejarno
Sandra Muñoz
Shara Conner
Tiffany Ewald
Tiffany Gourneau-Hillyer
Tifini Wright
Tishalee Chavez
Trisha Cromwell
Valeesha Noblitt
Victor Cruz
Vince Harper
Yolanda Mendoza